The Local Church is overseen by a Council of Elders. The bible affirms that Elders are men whose lives and doctrine are observed by the community they serve. Each Elder takes the task of building up and equipping the family of God seriously and dedicates time and energy to doing that. 

We believe that the bible does not distinguish a single man as the leader of a local church, but instead shows that there is a safeguard of balance and wisdom amongst a group. This means you won’t find ‘a’ pastor, but Elders with pastoral gifts. Nor will you find ‘a’ minister, but Elders ministering God’s love to the church body.

Whilst the Elders have a degree of authority over the church, this is something that is best understood as a role of service or ministering. Like a doctor has authority to guide and apply medicine for the sick, an Elder has authority only when he administers the truth of God from the bible in the loving way of Christ. The Elders are not the bosses, visionaries or CEO’s of the church, they are ‘undershepherds’ who aim to lead the body to maturity in Christ (Ephesians 4).

Our Elders have been voted in by our church body, and are not self appointed. Elder’s are also not immune to sin – and therefore crave your prayers, rebuke and encouragement!

leadership group

Whilst the Elders have an authority and position to oversee the life of the local church, we also have a wider leadership group who contribute to building up and leading our church towards maturity in Christ. This group is made up of long term members of the church whose lives have been seen to be dedicated to Christ and the service of His church, locally and beyond. 

This leadership group meets every second month to work through specific needs and oversight of the Missional Communities, finances and organisational tasks (policies, Childsafe, etc) as well as practical needs within the church and beyond.

We hope that church members will bring specific needs to this group, and all meeting minutes and financial documents are available for official Members of The Local Church to access.

The Leadership group currently consists of the elders, elders-in-training and the following: