sunday gatherings

What To expect

The Local Church sees gathering together as a key component to life together as God’s children. We meet together in homes, starting at 9:30am for coffee and followed by a shared lunch after our informal service.

At these gatherings you can expect a few key ingredients:


This is just our way of talking and listening to God together. You’ll hear kids and adults praying in a variety of styles. We believe that without prayer we are at risk of following empty rituals without enjoying God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We do it throughout our gatherings and welcome people to pray however they feel able.


We love singing and playing instruments to give God honour and praise, as well as to express things we know and feel collectively. You can expect old hymns and contemporary styled music. We encourage people to join in with any instruments and their voices. We follow lyrics to these songs together, and see if as a collective expression, not a performance.

bible study and teaching

Like Christians throughout history we dedicate ourselves to hearing God through His word. We believe that by sitting under teachers and preachers who expound and open God’s word we will be equipped and nurtured to know how to be Jesus’ disciples in the everyday stuff of life. We are strong believers in active learning and encourage dialogue throughout our teaching time – both with our children and adults.

kids program

We run a kid’s program where kids from kindy to year 6 are invited to join in more age-appropriate learning. We use a variety of Bible-based resources to teach and engage them through tactile, visual and verbal learning methods!

the sacraments

We like to participate in the historical sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. These are Christ-given ways of remembering Him and are available to all who profess to follow Him. We welcome all believers to share in the Lord’s Supper if it is being celebrated when you visit at any of our gatherings. If you’d like to be baptised, we would love to chat!

food and conversation

The world over, relationships are forged and deepened over food. Jesus himself was labelled by some enemies as a glutton and drunkard (he wasn’t) which means he must have eaten and drunk a lot with people. We follow his footsteps and emphasise the sharing of delicious food and drink from all cultures around the world. We often share lunch at our gatherings so feel free to bring something to share (not required). You can always expect great coffee!