sunday kid's progam

We love our kids and love to have visitors at any of our gatherings! Most of the time, our gatherings start with a coffee and catch up, followed by a time of singing and sharing together, for all ages. Typically, we then go into a time of teaching with a program for kids running at the same time in a different area.

A nine-week program runs each term for kids in kindy and up, organised and run by approved volunteers (see Childsafe section for more details). During school holidays, a less-structured time is offered for any kids if needed.

Kids of all abilities are welcome in our kids church program, we we’d love to know any specific ways we can support your child. We’ll ask guardians to fill in a simple form the first time joining us, and you’re always welcome to stay with your child if that’s helpful.

For children under 4, each venue has a space where a parent or guardian can sit and play with them if needed. 

The registration form for our kid’s program can be found here. 

Feel free to have a look, otherwise we’ll have a copy for you when you visit.