We meet regularly as a whole church family, but life together happens mostly in smaller groups that we call Missional Communities. It’s here that we try to be family to one another- eating, laughing, crying, growing, child-rearing, reading the Bible and praying together.

These are the people we do life alongside, where we provide mutual support and encourage each other through life’s ups and downs. Missional communities are groups of us who want to see our neighbours, friends, colleagues and random strangers come to know Jesus’ love.

Doing life in missional communities allows us to be shaped and nurtured, and to mature in our faith in God and love for people.

We currently have two missional communities in the Armadale region. Our long term vision is to see the region saturated with the gospel (the good news about Jesus) through many mature missional communities (MC). If you’d like to connect with one of our MCs, get in touch here



Living in the areas around Seville Grove and Mount Nasura, this group of families has a pattern of eating together and learning from the Bible together. 

They meet weekly in Seville Grove.


Based in Forrestdale and surrounding suburbs, this MC loves to eat good food together, be outdoors in the created world and run around after our young kids. 

We are plugged in and committed to the local community.